Game changer

A work colleague suggested Catherine for help with my anxiety and after my initial nervous contact I realised there was no need to worry, I was in ‘safe hands’. Catherine explains everything so clearly and immediately puts you at ease. Even though I was going into this with literally no expectations the impact of the sessions was immediate and positive. Catherine helped me realise that I was not alone in my thoughts, but that I could change my mindset, I could reframe my negatives into positives and that things do not need to be perfect. This has been a game changer for me.
I feel so much less anxious about everything and the impact of the sessions is noticeable by everyone and in particular my fabulous family.
I cannot recommend Catherine highly enough, don’t continue thinking ‘it’s just who I am’, it doesn’t have to be, hypnotherapy with Catherine will change you and leave you feeling positive, happy, calm and relaxed.

A New Zest For Life

I was desperate and didn’t know how to turn my life around when I contacted Catherine at Homewood Hypnotherapy. I weighed the heaviest I’ve ever been and suffering from stress, depression and anxiety and all the issues that go with these. Catherine totally put me at ease and I really enjoyed our sessions, from which I always came away feeling relaxed, informed and positive. After ten sessions I’ve lost 17lb in weight (more to go) and now feel in control of my thoughts and actions. Instead of being lazy and not getting up, no motivation for much at all, I’m now up early, out swimming or walking, eating sensibly and keeping on top of things. A new zest for life. I’ve even come off anxiety medication. If you’re thinking about contacting Catherine, don’t delay. Your life could improve too.

Positive Change

I’d been stuck in a cycle of repetitive behaviour for over 40 years. I kept replaying a reaction to a specific stressor and was desperate to change it. Hypnotherapy with Catherine helped me to identify the underlying causes of this reaction and to deal with each stressor in a solution focused way. Now I feel calmer, more in control and content. It’s like I’ve had a ‘factory reset’ and all the rubbish I’ve accumulated over the years has been thrown out!

Weight Loss

When I contacted Catherine I was desperate. I wasn’t sleeping, I was over eating and I needed to lose weight. Within a matter of weeks (and Christmas included) I had changed all of my unwanted habits and actually lost some weight! It was amazingly easy to change, you just need the key to unlock the door. Thanks again Catherine, you’ve really inspired me to complete my goals and wear that inner confidence on the outside.


A huge thank you to Catherine for helping me through the toughest time of my life. Without my sessions with you I would not be back to the person I know and love. Never before had I felt so hopeless and desperate. I just didn’t know where to start to get myself through this. With your help, skills and guidance I have been able to reset and overcome.
Understanding the way the brain works has been enlightening. How our thoughts and actions can have both positive and negative effects on our brain and body now makes total sense. Your positive reinforcement techniques have given me back control of my life when I felt I had none.
I will take what I have learnt from you with me for life. I can’t thank you enough.

Peace Of Mind

I can highly recommend Catherine at Homewood Hypnotherapy. Having hypnotherapy with Catherine has helped me deal with my trauma experiences, anxiety and stress. The sessions were uplifting and I especially enjoyed Catherine’s positive conversation at the beginning of each session. I always left feeling hugely relaxed and peaceful about whatever situation we had focused on.